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Mykonos History

Mykonos is a small Cycladic gem, floating in the Aegean Sea with its beauty being renowned till the ends of the Earth! It is the most famous island of Greece, with cosmopolitan culture and impressive ancient history. The island took its name from “Mykonos”, Apollo’s grandson and descendant of Dionysus. (This is an explanation about why music and fun never stops in the island!) In the ancient times the citizens of Mykonos worshiped Dionysus, god of entertainment, Demeter, goddess of the Earth, Neptune, god of the sea, the brave Hercules and of course Zeus, father of all the Olympian gods.

In each and every stone you will raise in Mykonos, you will find out a charming, ancient history. This happens even for the mountains! Legend says that the rocky formations of the island are the mythological creatures of Giants, killed by Hercules during gigantomachy.

In the modern Greek history, Mykonos was a rich island with residents who were renowned for their seagoing experience (while some years before, they were also pirates!). From the island, the ships had refuel time, and also Mykonos was famous for the production of nuts, bought by sailors. The windmills you will find in Mykonos Town are just a few of the many mills that existed on the island for flour production ….

A point milestone in its history was the period of Venetian rule, from the late 12th century until the early 17th. During this period, Mykonos constituted and base of the famous pirate Barbarossa.


When the growth of organized tourism began in Europe in the early 19th century. Mykonos was the first to be benefited and guess why …! Because it was very close to the small island of Delos, which was a magnet for the rich antique collectors throughout Europe. The rest; Is history…

Mykonos Town

In Greece, the main town of each island, that is inhabited both in summer and winter, is being called “Chora” (town)! You will hear the locals call the main village of the island “Chora of Mykonos”. Since Mykonos became a world-class tourist destination, Mykonos Town has tripled in size. Although it remains beautiful and scenic, with serpentine streets and buildings in white and blue shades. The windmills of Mykonos is the trademark of the island and with the white Cycladic houses, Chora is shimmering under the bright Aegean sun. One of the windmills of Mykonos, has been restored and turned into a museum (Boni’s Windmill).

In high season, from afternoon until dawn, Chora is full of life. Tourists returning from beaches visit the countless stores, restaurants, cafes, clubs located in the narrow streets and continue the fun until the morning. It is worth sacrificing a few hours of sleep and wake up in the morning to enjoy the town in all its splendor. When tourists are sleeping, locals go to their jobs, the itinerant greengrocers sells their products etc. Everything is working on a peaceful Cycladic style and you can enjoy all the authenticity of the city in all its glory.

From Gyalos, you can also take the boat to have a day trip in Delos, which is a classic habit for visitors of Mykonos.


Besides the windmills, there are three points of Mykonos Town that you should definitely visit:

Matogiannia (or Matogianni)

This is the main mall-street of the island, where you will find the best shops in Greece, with clothes and jewelry that are truly pieces of art.

The Little Venice

The neighborhood with the colorful houses built literally over the sea, called little Venice because it is reminiscent of the famous Italian city of Venice. Along with windmills, it is the most photographed spot on the island. Famous for its bars with delicious cocktails, where you can sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Paraportiani Church

It is the most famous of the 600 churches that exist on the island. Besides its unique beauty, it is very special in architecture manners, since it is a church that sits like a dome over a base of four other churches. Discover in Chora, next to the Wall. In one of the two small churches behind the main church, on top of a rock, they say it is buried the last Greek pirate, the famous Manolis Mermelechas.


Armenistis lighthouse

A less known but beautiful spot on the island is the lighthouse of Armenistis in the northern side of the island. Constructed in 1891, Armenistis has a height of 19 meters. The lighthouse keeper lived there some years before, and was responsible day and night for the operation of the lighthouse. Today, the lighthouse Armenistis works automatically, like all the lighthouses in the Aegean. But the beauty remains untouched by the passage of time. Especially, when the Cycladic winds are blowing, and the waves beating the rocks where the lighthouse stands, the scene is cinematic. You can discover and enjoy there an amazing sunset, looking toward the island of Tinos. If you choose the service of a 3-hour tour offered by Anemos Rent a Car & Bike, be sure to ask your guide to include Armenistis Lighthouse on your route.


Anemos proposes:

“Since 1979, the year we found Anemos Rent a Car & Bike Mykonos, we have lots of customers that later began good friends of us and they prefer us again and again. We are often being asked about the non-tourist parts of the island and we, as residents, suggest the best! Do you want to know what you can do in order to spend a lazy day in Mykonos, while making a break from the wild party? Here is what we suggest;

After renting a vehicle from us you get equipped with everything you need. Then the most famous Greek island is at your feet … If you want a relaxing and peaceful destination, preferred by locals, we will send you to northern Mykonos, to a beach called “Agios Sostis”. The beach is not organized, that’s why it is not preferable by the majority of tourists … It has a wild beauty and a distinctive golden brown color of lava rocks around. The calm, relaxed visitors lie down on their own beach towels and enjoy the endless blue sky and sea. You can go there only by car or taxi as there is no bus connection. To get this far, you do not need to drive a long time, since Mykonos is a small island. After the beach, you can eat authentic Greek cuisine in the tavern of Kiki. Kiki has set up her restaurant in a small yard, right next to the sand, without electricity. Only with a barbecue, she makes the most heavenly dishes in the island. People who like good food, keep saying that it is the best restaurant in Mykonos. Fortunately, not a lot of people know about this secret! We hope you will keep it between us!

To finish the day of relaxation in Mykonos, be sure to come back to Mykonos Town before the sun sets. Grasp position in the famous cocktail bar Scarpa” and enjoy the most breathtaking sunsets of your life, with the background of Little Venice and views across the sacred island of Delos. To close the evening with a classic Mykonian way, try to get lost in the narrow streets of Mykonos town and let the pulse of the island charm you …

If you want more information, we will be glad to see you around! “

For Anemos Rent a Car & Bike Mykonos

Costas, Giannis, George


Mykonos Shores

Imagine that you have just arrived on the island of Mykonos, you have already took care of your transportation by renting a car, and you are ready to explore it! Where will you start from? Our professional guides of Mykonos Chauffer Services (LINK) will help you find out every fact about the island. But if you want to explore them at your own, let us give you some important tips.

9+1 mykonos beaches that you have to visit!

In the north side of the island, it is difficult to visit the shores, since there are not well constructed roads, and also the beaches are not well-organised. Moreover usually it is too windy, so it is not pleasant to swim. Bear in mind that we are in the middle of the Aegean Sea! But in the south side of the island, is the heart of Mykonos, as it is the location of the famous Cycladic shores, for which millions of tourists from all over the world visit every year.


Ornos beech is located close to Mykonos Town and is a traditional beach with crystal blue waters and thin sand. By the side of the beach a scenic community exists, that offers to the guests all the comforts, giving them the possibility of a full scale market. Bus lines are frequent but if you have rented a car from Anemos Rent a Car & bike Mykonos, you will go to your destination fast and relaxed!


One of the most famous beaches of the island worldwide. It attracts thousands of tourists per year and during the high season you will meet lots of famous people there. You can swim in Psarou’s crystal waters, or have pleasant time with a jet ski or other water sports. Or, you can have your holidays by the Greek way! Relax in the luxurious sun beds and enjoy the Greek sun and the golden sand! A scooter or an ATV is the iconic way to reach Psarou, since the road is really crowded every summer. See your options here; (LINK)

Plaits Gyalos

Platis Gyalos is one of the biggest beaches of Mykonos, just 4km away of mykonos Town. From there, small boats start their journey every day, with destination other beaches of the island like Paraga, Paradise or Super Paradise. Platis Gyalos is perfect for families since it is fully organized. Connection with bus is frequent but if you have rented a car from Anemos Rent a Car & bike Mykonos, you will not have to wait for the bus while its hot outside!


Next to Platys Gyalos there is a small beach called Paraga. Mykonians say that it is the most beautiful of the island! Surrounded by rocks, with thin sand, Paraga is full of life on high season. Small traditional taverns are very close also.

Paradise (Kalamopodi)

A path that starts from quiet Platis Gialos continues to Paraga and finishes in the most famous Mykonos beach worldwide! Welcome to Paradise (or Kalamopodi in Greek)! It took the name Paradise because there is the heart of the entertainment on the island. The beloved youth beach is busy day and night and the party never stops! Except from walking, you can get to Paradise by all means! Boat from Platis Gialos, bus from the town or one of your own vehicle from Anemos Rent a Car & Bike Mykonos.

Super Paradise (Pildri)

A little bit further, there is the beach Super Paradise (or otherwise Pildri). It took its name from the homonymous beach bar Super Paradise, lying there for 45 years! In 1971, when, even in Ibiza, the beach bars offered lounge, relaxing music, in Mykonos the party started at noon and speakers playing loud music until midnight! The fashion that later became famous all over the world but in Super Paradise will still be found today, consists the most authentic Mykonian entertainment. Super Paradise, apart from endless partying offers something else: undisturbed swimming in blue water and also take profit of the most sheltered beach on the island! There you can enjoy a swim whenever you go and do all kinds of watersports safely, since the Aegean winds will not affect you.


Elia is a great quiet beach with clear waters and golden sand, on the southeast side of the island. Within walking distance of the beach are restaurants with good food and also really close you can meet the picturesque village of Ano Mera! Elia is not like Super Paradise but it is considered as a heaven for young or.. older children, because of the large variety of water sports.

Kalo Livadi

The beach of Kalo Livadi is 2 km away from Ano Mera and it is great for family holidays or simply for a relaxing, quiet sunbathing. Those who usually visit Psarou have Kalo Livadi as a second choice, which has fantastic sea and a unique landscape.


In Korfos Beach, it is usually very windy, so it is not suitable for swimming. But it is the ideal playground of windsurfers and kitesurfers arriving daily here from every part of the island, to play with the waves. The same happens in Ftelia Beach, in the north of the island. You can arrive there with the most durable vehicles in the fleet Anemos Rent a Car & Bike Mykonos that we recommend. We also offer specialized guide lead you where you ask. See our services here (link to come)

Agios Ioannis

Overlooking the island of Delos, Agios Ioannis is a quiet, well organized long beach, ideal for family holidays. Be sure to come here afternoon as the beach is famous for its good food and the great mykonian sunset!


Delos island

Delos is a legendary island of ancient Greece, which today serves as an Unesco world heritage site. The entire island is a museum, since no people are allowed to live there. There are only few residents, archaeologists working on the island. Access to the island for tourists is by a small port on the west side and is not allowed after sundown.

But what makes the island of Delos so special?

The legend says that it was the born site of Apollo, the god of hunting, and Artemis, the goddess of music. But Delos, according to the myth, was a small boat, which was sailing at the sea. Neptune immobilized it, near Mykonos, in obedience to a command of his father. You see, Zeus had left Leto pregnant, but his wife Hera found out and chased to kill her. So Leto fled to Delos, which has been immobilized into an island, so the girl could give birth to her sons.

Delos The sacred island

Delos was the sacred island of ancient Greece and was essentially the religious center of all Greeks. There, was for many years the gold of the Athenian alliance, during the Peloponnese War. Until the Roman Empire, the island, because of its religious character, was a free, independent center of the known world. When the pirates began their incursions, however, the island was abandoned. Today, you see a lot of ancient monuments that came to light when archaeological excavations began on the island by 1830. The Archaeological Museum of Delos has 9 rooms and is filled with statues and carvings of the ancient civilization.

Getting to Delos?

On the island of Delos you can go on the same day from Mykonos by boat starting from Gialos, Mykonos Town, or private boat. On the island there are no cars allowed.

Practical Information

When you come to rent your vehicle from Anemos Rent a Car & Bike Mykonos, we will give you all the information you want to know about the island, along with handy map with routes for each beach. Our personnel are residents of Mykonos and they will respond to all your questions. Here are some useful numbers:

Police Department: +30 22890 22716

Tourist Police:+30 22890 22482

Port Authority:+30 22890 22218

Health Center: +30 22890 23998 – 23994

Municipality of Mykonos:+30 22890 22201 – 23988

Ano Mera Village Administration Office:+30 22890 71261 – 72200

Citizen Service Center: +30 22890 28621

Telecommunications center (OTE): +30 22890 22 499

Post Office (ELTA): +30 22890 22 238

Office K T E L(Regional buses): +30 22890 23360

Hoteliers Association of Mykonos: +30 22890 24760 – 24540

Renters and Accommodation Association: +30 22890 24860 26 860

Olympic Airways: +30 22890 22490 – 22495

Mykonos Archaeological Museum: +30 22890 22325

Delos Archaeological Museum: +30 22890 22259

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